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      1. Kori Stanton

        Local Motion: The 2018 Farm Bill

        The 2018 Farm Bill was officially passed on December 20th, 2018. The '18 Farm Bill is extremely vast and covers many topics including Industrial Hemp. The farm bill descheduled some cannabis products from the Controlled Substances Act for the first time. KVNF's Kori Stanton sought out to learn how this new farm bill will affect our local farmers in Western Colorado. Kori spoke with Nick Levendofsky and Harrison Topp from the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union , Hotchkiss farmer and entrepreneur...

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        Marty Durlin

        Playwright Marty Durlin's new radio play, Uranium: The Musical, was performed live in Paonia in March. It's the story of the uranium boom that took place in mid-50s Moab, and of the characters who were there to witness it, like Charlie Steen the Uranium King, Edward Abbey, and more.

        • Colorado will pay additional 6 million dollars for accurate 2020 census
        • Candidate Hickenlooper will introduce his ideas for gun control today
        • Rundown of Memorial Day weekend closures of popular destinations
        • Lake City, Hinsdale County looking for help from volunteers
        • Colorado becomes first state to cap cost of insulin by law

        • Governor Polis signs equal pay bill into law
        • Snowpack around state at 202 percent of normal
        • Feature story on upcoming fire season in the area

        • Rockslide closes I70 in Glenwood Canyon, mitigation work continues
        • Governor Polis signs full time kindergarten legislation
        • New study indicates Colorado mothers and infants need more health care
        • Produced water spill in North Fork Valley concerns farmers, citizens

        Suze Smith

        Host Jill Spears and gardening gurus Lulu Volckhausen and Lance Swigart discuss spring gardening chores and take calls from listeners.

        • After six years, Colorado River drought plan finally signed at Hoover Dam
        • Colorado Parks and Wildlife inspectors already finding invasive mussels
        • Interview with expert about Red Flag laws

        • Trump praises Colorado law allowing Canadian prescription drugs
        • New restrictions on winter driving along I70 set to begin on Sept. 1
        • Deal for drought mitigation signed today in Las Vegas
        • Oprah Winfrey gives graduation address at Colorado College
        • Access to mental health care for men in Colorado to be expanded
        • Governor appoints interim Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

        Ellen Sander, author of Trips, Rock Life in the Sixties stopped by KVNF during her Colorado book tour. Ellen talked with Kori Stanton about her augmented edition of Trips, poetry, Jimi Hendrix and what it was like being a rock journalist in the midst of rock and roll.

        The Dolores Water Conservancy District has announced a managed release, also known as a “spill,” from McPhee Reservoir in time for Memorial Day Weekend.

        • Colorado Parks and Wildlife fighting invasive species in lakes
        • Trio of laws signed by Governor Polis will help Coloradans afford health care
        • Governor Polis signs new laws improving access to health care for women
        • Anti-suicide efforts signed into law, lowers consent age for psychiatric treatment


        NPR NEWS Top Stories

        President Trump is in Japan for the first official state visit since Japanese Emperor Naruhito assumed the throne.

        The president and first lady Melania Trump have already dined with Japanese business leaders and will attend a sumo wrestling match, at which Trump will present the winner with a trophy called the "President's Cup."

        Emperor Naruhito and his Harvard-educated wife, Empress Masako, will host an imperial state banquet for Trump. The president's trip will also include a visit to a naval base and bilateral meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

        Roll on, no more.

        After a three-decade run, a veteran advocacy group will hold its last motorcycle demonstration ride — called "Rolling Thunder" — in the U.S. capital this Memorial Day weekend.

        The nonprofit that organizes the rally, Rolling Thunder Inc., was founded in the late 1980s to bring public attention to prisoners of war and those missing in action and to hold the government to account for veterans who never made it home.

        Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit https://www.npr.org.

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        With the economy booming, Ernesto Martinez can barely keep up with all the construction work coming into the small drywall company he owns. He's part of a historic wave of Latino prosperity in America.

        It wasn't always like this. Martinez remembers when he was 17. He had $120 to his name, and it was all in his pocket. It's how much he got paid for his first job in the U.S., as a mover. He says he stood there, mesmerized, in front of a shop window at the mall.

        Martinez was looking at a pair of Air Jordans. They cost around $100.

        Along one rugged stretch of the Rio Grande, U.S. citizens routinely cross the border into the United States illegally. A shortage of basic services in rural Texas, such as health care, means U.S. citizens rely on Mexican services and rarely pass through an official port of entry on return.

        Informal, unregulated crossings have been a fixture of life for generations in rural communities along the U.S.-Mexico border. Today, however, with the unrelenting focus on border security, this kind of unfettered back-and-forth by U.S. citizens is rare.

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